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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Change DNS Settings on the Fly Using DNS Jumper

DNS and DNS servers have been pushed into the mainstream with Google’s announcement that they have released public DNS servers to speed up computer user access to the Internet. We have already given tips in the past how to benchmark DNS to find the fastest and most reliable one from all the public DNS that are offered by various organizations and companies.

While it is not difficulty to change the DNS servers in the operating system it does require some knowledge as to where they are changed. And the IP addresses of the DNS server

need to be known as well to apply the changes to the computer system.

dns jumper

DNS Jumper is a free and portable software program that aids the user by providing a one-click system to change DNS servers in Windows. The application displays a list of DNS servers that can be activated with the click of the mouse button. Available DNS server range from Google DNS over Open DNS to Ultra DNS, Level 3, Open NIC to the default DNS server of the system.

Changing DNS servers is therefor a breeze with DNS Jumper. The program does on the other hand lack relevant information and a configuration to edit the available DNS servers. DNS Jumper can be downloaded from the the Fiber Download website (via ASK VG)



  1. DNS JUmper v1.0.5 Published (the The world's first IPv6 DNS changer)

  2. And this has WHAT to do with LInux? It's a Windows program.



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